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Custom made sheepskin seat covers for motorcycles

* Sheepskin seat covers are great for any season, because of the wool's hollow 
   fibers. They keep you warm in the winter & cool during the summer.

* Very comfortable because they are extremely soft & provide luxurous cushion
   of air that acts as a temperature insulator.

* The sheepskin seat cover protects your seats upholstery & prevents the leather
   from fading, cracking & drying.

* Does wonders to keep you from being sore after a long motorcycle ride,
   because cushions the bumps, acts like a shock absorber relieving discomfort &

* Absorbs moisture so helps keep your bottom dry prolonging riding time &
   prevent fatigue experience once the seat of your pants become damp.

* Enough cushion between the seat & your booty to prevent riding "hot spots" or
   getting chaffed.

* Durable sheepskin adds worderful cushion to stiff seats.

* Sheepskin is exceptionally breathable.

* It is naturally soft & durable so it will do its job for along time if taken care of

Make long rides comfortable year around with a 100% genuine sheepskin seat cover.

Do you want the most comfortable, luxurious & beautiful seating in the world? Buy a sheepskin motorcycle seat cover just because you deserve the best for your great rides.  

Get it now!

No pad, just skin, wool & GREAT 2 3/4" thick lush ride.

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Superior quality

                         seatcover pricing      
full seat                     $175
Drivers only              $125
drivers back rest      $65
pass. back rest         $85
wheel chair               $175
car seat cover           $175
power scooter          $175